Why Nevelab?

Global economies are running out of resources and we have both the obligation and the opportunity to support the global recovery, by investing more in social advocacy to shift policies and practices and deploy new strategies to conceive collaborative movements by improving the capacity building towards innovation loops.

The road to sustainability

The road to sustainability

There’s never been a more important time for organizations to prioritize sustainability and resilience. By closing their resource loops or slowing down their supply chains, organizations and large corporations are not only preserving the purpose-driven ecosystem they are evolving in but also ensuring their long-term economic prosperity.

Meet Nevelab

We are a team of seasoned entrepreneurs, with experience in building tech companies and wide extended networks in the cybersecurity, financial, medical, and social impact sectors. Traditional approaches failed to provide sufficient solutions: we believe social enterprises are a fierce catalyst for social change and a growing force in the global economy.

Our mission

We suggest disruptive frameworks to continue dismantling the barriers between large sectors and social initiatives by investing our efforts in building social enterprises.
In doing so we have the capacity to unleash new and lasting solutions to the most vexing social problems of our times.


In other words, by investing more in organizations becoming social and adopting new blended financial models, we achieve to support access to more resources supply they need to ramp up resilient production lines, develop novel forces, and ultimately will foster interactions between actors in the purpose-driven ecosystem. That’s why we’re dedicated to keeping our breakthrough purpose-driven platform ahead of the most pressing challenges to generate insightful strategic decisions and long term results for every vector. Industry-leading organizations recognize that our approach sets us apart.