Intelligent Platform
for Sustainability

Nevelab helps organizations make progress in tackling local problems and scale to apply their efforts broadly, by accelerating sustainable and equitable growth, opportunities and drive positive change.

Tomorrow’s challenges require
a new social paradigm

Nevelab's enterprise-grade software is designed for teams to collaborate, experience social enterprises' purposes, and scale effective skills to perform more and be resilient in times of crisis.


We are using technology to help enterprises solve some of the toughest challenges — from raising awareness and managing complex agendas, to improving learning experiences for their community, to justify their impact commitment and purpose.


Social enterprises have solutions to complex issues. We've created resilient solutions for turbulent times that enhance activity toughness, highlight and hon strengths, and foster strong relationships that are core competencies for any successful enterprise.


We believe that communities have to actively lead the innovation cycle and contribute to a more cohesive and sustainable world, use their capabilities and resources in cooperation with governments and civil society to address the key issues of this new decade.


In essence, we need more initiatives, institutions and individuals to respond to alleviating Society's social problems. Becoming part of a growing community of practice for building and advancing social innovation is the primary objective of Nevelab.

The future of social
leadership development

Nevelab was created based on building communities, growing organizations’ social business. This concept is reinforced by everything that we do: from the features in the software we build to the development experiences we design for specific initiatives.


Every social enterprise should start its journey with the knowledge and skills their community need to realize their mission. We believe that a whole social entrepreneurship approach to education is the most promising way to achieve this vision. We collaborate with corporations, social initiatives, and organizations to create educational tools and experiences that effectively meet the holistic needs of every social enterprise.


Engineering solutions to the scale of the issues we’re helping to solve requires fresh perspectives and diverse experiences. Our team’s strength is defined by our ability to bring a wide range of voices to the table.
We're working to build a future that is more just, inclusive, and full of opportunity for everyone.
We partner with organizations leading the fight on critical issues.


We believe that lasting change is possible only with the support of community advocacy and the pursuit of meaningful policy change. Our goal is to support the solutions and technologies that will make it possible to support, prevent, or manage crises by the end of the century. We foster collaboration between change-makers, innovators and engineers, develop new tools and technologies, and build support for research.

Our values:
diversity, equity and inclusion

We believe that the strongest teams incorporate and uplift a wide range of voices. To help build a more just, equitable future, we need people from all different backgrounds and experiences, who can challenge each other’s assumptions with fresh perspectives.

We’re committed to celebrate the innovation journey of every social enterprise.

We are building a culture where diversity and difference are our superpowers.

We are unleashing the power of the community to deploy capital, knowledge and insights.